e martë, mars 04, 2008

Quick Update

Half time

Barcelona 1 - Celtic 0

It is men against boys!

Barcelona scored after only 2 minutes and the wee man turns to me and says "Yeeeeees....ishalla fitojme 3-0"

"Time for bed Aron!"

Final Score 1-0 Barcelona. As convincing a 1-0 win as you could get. And would you believe it, that I just noticed I have been wearing my Barcelona T-shirt today!! :-( I love watching Barcelona (except against us!)...and I hope they go on to win the Champions League!

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Anonim tha...

In the US children of Albanians get started with Albanian as that's what their parents (or grandparents) converse in, but as they grow older with school influence they switch to mostly converse in English. I'm curious, what language do your children converse in most of the time? Do they express a preference?

Kolin tha...

We do all almost all our conversation in Albanian. However I do try to communicate as much as possible with the boys in English.

When he was 5, our eldest would always listen to me in English and reply in Albanian. When we arrived in Scotland to visit my parents he immediately started speaking English fluently (something he had never done in Albania) - even to the point of translating for his little brother.

Eralda tha...

I laughed out loud at the "wee man's" exclamation :)