e hënë, mars 17, 2008

And in 5th place.........God!

Must admit I enjoyed reading the thoughts of Father Silvio in the "Law and Life" magazine dated December 2003.
Here is his article...( obviously speaking of the Catholic population of Albania)

"When I first came to Albania I heard many things, but I heard most about Father Gjergj Fishta. I had heard about him when I was in Italy...we used to hear Radio Tirana in Italian. When I came here (Albania) as soon as I left the ferry boat every Albanian talked to me about Father Gjergj. Father Gjergj here, father Gjergj there, until I got bored. Later, I observed that on St. Anthony's day many people rushed to go to the church in Laç. They went 2-3 days, many without eating. It was not just Catholics, but also muslims and Orthodox believers. I valued very much this simple faith of a poor people. Visiting various towns and villages I heard songs of the Lady of Shkodra (The Virgin Mary). The songs are known throughout Albania. It was beautiful. In Tirana, I was in the church that Father Zef served. I saw that he was loved and met by all. He was very active, meeting with politicians, vip's etc. They talked about many things (however I do not know if they talked about religion). On reflection, my opinion for Albanians is that for them, first was Gjergj Fishta, second, St. Anthony, third, The Blessed lady, whereas fourth was Zef Pellumbi. And though I did not find in what place God was in their lives, I think that there is no doubt that he is fifth!"

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