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Explosion at Vore.( including video link)

News just coming in over the TV channels of an explosion near Vore at a ammunition store.

There are no pictures as yet, but there would appear to be some casualties.

One witness said on Tv that there was no building in Vore without its windows broken.

Reprts of Rinas Aiport being evacuated.

Check your news channels and websites for further updates.

Edit: 2.30p.m.
150 casualties....at least 4 in serious condition.
The accident allegedly took place when an American company was carrying out ammunition elimination.
There were around 30 soldiers based at the accident site in Gerdec.
The Durres-Tirana road is closed.
Much damage has been done to buildings in Vore, and even at Rinas.
One bus had its windows smashed as it was travelling from Durres to Tirana.

Try here for more up to date information.

Edit 3.45pm

Video here.
6 dead so far, but waiting to be confirmed... unfortunately the number is likely to rise.
160 injured.
Lots of video coming in on TV from Vore and many houses with the roofs blown off, or now without tiles. Many restaurants and shops with blast damage. Most are with aluminum doors, windows and store fronts. These have been totally destroyed.
There appears to be extensive material damage in the area.
Hospitals calling for blood donors.
Saw a video of Vore and a large shell was lying in the street obviously blown there from the explosion. This was a shell almost a metre in length.

Heard news that there ARE survivors from the army depot. There appears to be chaos in Vore, electricity is down and many are suffering from shock as the windows of their homes have been blown out.

Going out now.
So I will not be able to give any more updates. I'm sure national news will keep you up to date in the link above.

16 March 8.15p.m.
9 now reported as dead, but numbers expected to rise.

Big problem with looking after the families evacuated from Gerdec.
The army are trying to clear the area around the houses in their village but has become a "mine" zone with many unexploded shells lying around.

Extensive material damage. Most families, if not all will be without insurance.
Around 200 houses are said to be totally destroyed and 300 badly damaged.

More photos here.

March 17th 6.45p.m.
Defence Minister Fatmir Mejdiu resigns as the opposition party calls for the Prime Minister to step down.
Demonstrations at Vore by the residents angry at the explosions and the refusal to let them return to their property.

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Findalbanian tha...

Really bad tragedy and everyone is touched by this occurence. I just hope it gets better soon.
Below are some links from my site that have videos about this occurrence. Feel free to check them out.

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Kolin tha...

Thanks for the links.

I just hope that when the number of dead is confirmed it will be a lot less than 160!!