e martë, dhjetor 30, 2008

The sunset of another year

Some sunsets this past week.

e enjte, dhjetor 25, 2008

Genc Tukiçi - variation on an Albanian Theme (Video)

Saw the Christmas concert tonight on TVSH. At least I watched some of it...

I was very impressed with Genc Tukiçi's version of the Albanian National anthem. I thought it was absolutely fantastic.

Unfortunately I can't find a version of it on the internet, but here is another he did for TV Klan. This is also very, very good...but I still like the Albanian national anthem one better.

e mërkurë, dhjetor 24, 2008

Natë e Shenjtë! Natë e qetë!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

here is one of my favourite carols sung at Christmas time. And here is a couple of translations into Albanian.

Natë e shenjtë! Natë e qetë!

Natë e shenjtë! Natë e qetë!
Janë në gjumë njer'zit krejt
Vetëm Jozefi edhe Maria
Janë të zgjuar me të shenjtin fëmijë
Fli me paqen qiellore!
Fli me paqen qiellore!

Natë e shenjtë! Natë e qetë!
Ç'dashuri! Zoti vetë
Si një foshnjë na u zbulua
Plot hare për të na shpëtuar
Ja, Jezusi u lind
Ja, Jezusi u lind

Natë e shenjtë! Natë e qetë!
Ca barinj me të shpejtë
Lajmet e engjëjve i dëgjuan
Edhe në Bethlehem vrapuan
Shpëtimtari u lind!
Shpëtimtari u lind!

Shetja natë (ALBANIAN - Gheg dialect)

Shetja natë e lumja natë
krejt janë fjetë veç kanë mbetë
shën Jozefi dhe Zoja Mri
rahatojnë te bukrin Fmi:
Flej me t’ambël gjum,
flej me t’ambël gjum.

Shejtja natë e bukra natë
Krishti Fmi Zojës Mri
qe, në prehen sa mirë po rri,
ejtë këndojnë me brohori:
Erdh i lum Mesi,
Erdh i lum Mesi!

Shetja natë e lumja natë
me shpejti vin bari
me shique ket bukuri
me adorue njiket Fmi:
Krishtin plot dashni,
Krishtin plot dashni.

Shejtja natë e bukra natë
o njerzim plot gëzim
heq mjerimin ti me shpejtim
kqyr ket Fmi, qi me ngushllim:
mbushi botën mbar,
mbushi botën mbar.

e hënë, dhjetor 22, 2008

All I want for Christmas is.....?

Well I certainly do not want these gifts!

1) An Albanian Christmas present.
Sound good?
Not according to Urban Dictionary.
It is described as an "unwelcome present"...as well as something else, which is not in my vocabulary!!

(Surely there is an e-mail address that I can write and complain to Urban Dictionary...or even better, a postal address, and I can send them an Albanian Christmas present!!)

2)A Merry Christmas Yard Sign

The hosts at Parking Site Corner certainly hope we all rush out to buy a yard sign wishing all our friends and neighbours a Merry Christmas.

It can be yours for $18 + post.

They also seem to be hoping that all our friends and neighbours ( and maybe us as well) are so drunk we don't notice that both words are misspelt.

3) An Albanian Christmas T-shirt

Here is what is advertised...
"Check out this great Albanian christmas T-shirt design from DustBuster Tee's collection of incredible gifts "
Unfortunately, they seem to think we are stupid enough to buy anything that is written in Albanian.

I mean it really is a bargain at only $24.85!!!! + post.

Come on, seriously - get a decent design!!

At least it is spelt correctly!
(Oh wait a minute....what is that funny squiggle above the "e" in Gëzuar. Oh no...we live in Albania NOT France!! That should be an "ë" not an acute accent!)

And so the winner is...
and I am not being sarcastic now, I would really like this for Christmas!

A Bottle of Skenderbeg Beer.

" Skenderbeg. Provo një birrë të fortë për burra të fortë:"

With directions to not put it in the fridge, and to not shake the bottle, and pour it with great care...it sounds like a great beer!

More information here.
Only problem is that it appears the beer is only available in the U.K.

Video Kejsi Tola - Me Merr Ne Enderr Eurovision 2009

Winner of Festivali i Kenges 47 in Tirana yesterday.

Good luck in Moscow for Eurovision 2009.

It's quite a catchy tune, and I think it has a chance of getting quite a few votes.

e hënë, dhjetor 08, 2008

Salloni i Vjeshtes - Art Show

Visited the recent show at the art gallery - "Salloni i Vjeshtes"

It was a collection of paintings from some Shkoder artists and also from the "Nentor" group in Tirana.
I'm not that qualified as an artist to give you a run down of all that was on display, but I will show some photos I took -especially of some paintings that I really liked.

This one of Father Zef Pellumbi.

Another of a typical street in Albania.

And my personal favourite, of a street scene in the mountains.

Apologies for the quality of the photos, but I took them with the mobile phone.

e martë, dhjetor 02, 2008

Festivali #47 TVSH

The festival is due to take place on 19th, 20th and 21st December.

The presenters this year will be Elsa Lila and a couple of the members from the group "The SHBLSH" - Julian Deda(right in photo above) and Gentian Zenelaj(left in photo above).

I must admit, I am not too keen on seeing Elsa Lila as presenter (again). I did not think she was very good last year, and I don't know why she doesn't just enter a song rather than be presenter.She's a far better singer than presenter.

They should have just left the guys to be presenters...

Anyway, not much information on the go, although we are less than 3 weeks away from the festival.

Of course the winner will go forward to represent Albania in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

This appears to be the line up...


Again I will go for my pick, before I even hear the songs...and as usual my pick will be nowhere near the final 3.
So my pick is...Adelina Thaçi.
Because Adrian Hila wrote her song, and his songs usually win.

It will be interesting to see if Soni Malaj wins...especially after she accused Serbia of stealing one of her songs when they won Eurovision in 2007.