e enjte, tetor 30, 2008

Hear, Read, Taste

Just updates the Hear, Read and taste links....

Hear - Texas, "Prayer for you". Just love the acoustic guitar on this song!

Read - A poem from Ndre Mjeda "Kujdesi Hyjnuer"

Taste - another menu from Albtranslators other (excellent) food blog - Groshe. What can be better than a plate of groshe on a cold winter's day! - yes, I know....2 Plates of groshe are better :-)

Just click on the photos to go to the sites.

e hënë, tetor 27, 2008

Doorway to the real Albania

I have been out running this past month. I really need to get fit AND lose some weight :-( ... at least that is what the doctor said.
I may post more about me running another day for anybody interested.

I have been running through the streets and lanes of Shkoder….and my longest run so far has been 5km….which isn’t bad, because I couldn’t run for 1 minute when I started.

Anyway, I have been enjoying running around the streets and seeing “normal” Albanian life. Yes, I do get LOTS of really strange looks and a “jogger” seems to be a strange sight in Albania. But there are some things I really like, and I am enjoying running.

One of the things that has struck me is some of the old Albanian doors to private houses. There are many of these and one street could have about 20 different kinds of doors. It is the old wooden doors that I really like.

I think to myself, what kind of story could these doors tell us if only they could speak.
What kind of joys or sorrows as people have come to celebrate weddings or attend funerals in the yard outside the house. Children leaving to go to school, or a bride leaving her family to start a new life with her husband.

I wonder who might have lived there, and when was the house built. It is funny, an open door always seems to be so inviting! As though it is saying, come inside and share a meal with us!

e premte, tetor 17, 2008

Edi dhe nota

Cartoon from Albanian television 1980

e mërkurë, tetor 15, 2008

Tirana - Milan - Goals

Video of SK Tirana 's win over Milan 2-1 yesterday.

e shtunë, tetor 11, 2008

Too close a shave?

This does not inspire me to visit this barber shop!

Just imagine going in for a shave and as you are all lathered up and waiting for the barber you lean back and see the sign!

He is a barber but also an ambulance service?!

e shtunë, tetor 04, 2008

Paris Hilton to run for President (of Albania)

See here

Well I just can imagine that!

The presidential website would get more hits than normal I would imagine!

e enjte, tetor 02, 2008

Nexhmije Hoxha ne bardh e zi flet per 100 vjetorin e Enverit

Anything is possible in Albania!

Took this photo today when i was in Koplik.

A man selling sheep from his car boot.

Then by chance I saw this on another website.