e diel, mars 21, 2010

Old Photos - Shkoder 1930's

I picked up a couple of postcards when i visited the National Marubi Fototek in Shkoder.
I love the old photos.

One of is of the centre of Shkoder in 1932.

It is interesting to see that the shops stretch across the road over to the mosque.
I can make out a couple of the shops....
One is called "Rruestore" - no idea what that means.
One is called "Udhtimit te perditshem" - I would have liked to know where they went, but I can't make that out.
Kafe Drini - no surprise there then - a cafe in Shkoder!

The other photo is of a family in Dukagjin in 1937.
I really like this photo.

It reminds me so much , and gave me a lot of help in visualizing life in the mountains, when reading the excellent book "Peaks of Shala" by Rose Wilder Lane.
Notice there is no "chimney" in the house for the smoke to leave. I take it the roofs were thatched and the smoke eventually rises up and through the roof.

I have a couple of questions though...
1) What does the woman on the right have in her hand?
2) What is hanging from the roof, and also what is hanging on the wall under the oil can?

I previously heard that the old bank on the new pedestrian walkway in the Piaca, would be turned into a museum to show off much more of the old Marubi photos than are currently displayed. The outside of the bank has been finished for ages, but still no sign of any work on the inside, nor of the Marubi exhibition moving. I am disappointed. Tourist season is starting and even leaving entrance fee as free, I am sure the the sale of postcards, booklets and magazines on Marubi and his photographs would allow the museum to function.

( I have not posted for a while, but hopefully I will keep the blog up. I have some posts I have not done, so over the next few weeks I should have a few posts)