e shtunë, shtator 26, 2009

Baby Ema

A couple of friends at my church have a 9 month baby daughter named Ema.

Ema was ill when she was 4 months with a high temperature.
She was diagnosed with an infection just above her kidney and was operated on Tirana.
They thought she had fully recovered, only to be told later on that the doctors had found a malignant tumour and she would need chemotherapy.

Ema then went to Germany for an operation, and the parents hoped that Ema would have the tumour removed.

However, she still requires 6-9 months chemotherapy and at the moment, she is there for the treatment with her dad. Her mum is working in Shkoder and will go whenever she gets some free days off work.

They have set up a small blog to let us know what is happening.
Please pray for Ema's full healing...


...and if possible, visit the blog and give Ema's dad a little bit of encouragement. I am sure he will appreciate it.