e martë, mars 04, 2008

Parenting is Fun!

Tonight is the Barcelona-Celtic Champions League game in Spain.
Celtic trail 2-3.
Celtic are my favourite team and i am hoping ("against all hope")that they will do something remarkable and qualify. My head tells me that they have no chance and that they will do well to escape a 4-0 defeat.

Now comes the problem...
I have 3 boys. In fact I am from a family of 3 boys, so I know what it is like to grow up in a home full of boys. My eldest son, Aron is almost 9 years old and is now starting to like watching football and his 2 favourite teams are A.C. Milan (because Ronaldo plays for them) and Barcelona (because Ronaldinho plays for them). So tonight he will be supporting Barcelona! I will be supporting Celtic.(of course!)

No doubt, if Barcelona get a couple of early goals then poor Aron will be going to his bed early!

Now, which team will he support when Scotland eventually have to play Albania?!

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Eralda tha...

Hahaha...that's a good question with no wrong answer, so it is a good question to have. I have to admit I am rooting for Barcelona...sorry :)

Kolin tha...

To be honest I am sure he would support Albania...although our middle son would probably support Scotland. The little one is obsessed with aeroplanes at the moment so a better question for him may be Albania Airlines or British Airways ?

...oh and yes, Barcelona do play great football!!