e enjte, mars 13, 2008

One out of Four is not bad!

Just got my permission to stay in Albania renewed.

Foreigners have to have permission to stay in the country up to 3 months, thereafter they must leave the country or else have permission to stay granted from the government.

I have just had mine renewed again till 2009.

I have permission to stay in the country that says...

Vendlindje: Aberdeen, England (should be Aberdeen, Scotland)

Kombesia: Irish (should be Scottish)

Shtetsia: English (should be British)

Ngjyra e syve: Brown (should be blue)

4 komente:

midisnesh tha...

ahahahha....it would be strange if there was no mistake....

Eralda tha...

gleefully laughing!

Anonim tha...

ohh wow, Aberdeen is pretty close to Dundee...I remember about 3 years ago, I watched Vllaznia play against FC Dundee. I think we lost 2-0 and it was for the intertoto cup. They Dundee fans were asking me and my brother about the sunflower seeds :)

Anonim tha...

hahaha this is well funny, no surprize thought , anything and everything happens in Albania