e premte, mars 14, 2008

Can you spot the face ?

Okay...a bit of fun for you.

Can you spot the face in the above picture of coffee beans?

There IS a face hidden amongst the beans.

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midisnesh tha...

is in the end of the picture, not exactly in the middle :D

Kolin tha...


Yes, it is right above the word "you" in the first line of the post.

I couldn't find it....someone had to point it out to me! :-(

Ervivi tha...

Its because I am used to make the differenc with all those Senegals,Tchadians,Mali...that are here :D
(just kidding)

Fenrisar tha...
Komenti u hoq nga administratori i blogut.
Kolin tha...

Please do not post comments that say

"Click here"

We have had problems with posters linking to web sites with virus infections.

Thank you.