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Eurovision 2008 - Albania betting odds.

I found this article on Albania. It is in fact a link for the betting odds for Olta Boka in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

Now, I have to agree that i think her chances are slim. This due to the song not being the kind that will gain a lot of votes( this is my opinion). Nothing against her, or her ability. I'm sure she has a bright future ahead, and will do her best and sing well...I just think we could have had a more suitable song for the musical taste of other countries.

I wish her all the best, and I know the article is meant to be humorous, but the reference to suicide is not funny - and in my opinion is in bad taste.

Here's the link, though I am sure you won't want to bother going there!

Eurovision Betting Odds: Olta Boka, Albania

March 25th, 2008 at 10:30 by Stuart Heritage

Eurovision betting odds Albania Olta Boka Zemm Lam Peng You asked for it, and here it is - the start of the fourth annual hecklerspray Eurovision betting odds season.

OK, to be fair none of you actually asked for it, but you're getting it anyway. Every day between now and the Eurovision Song Contest in May, we'll be profiling the songs, singers and betting odds of every last Eurovision 2008 contender. Every day. Until you're sick of them. And then for a couple of months after that, because chances are you'll be a bit sick of them by next Wednesday.

So let's kick things off with the Eurovision betting odds for Albania, with help from Paddy Power…

Albania - (pop. 3,582,205; a Mediterranean country in southeastern Europe): Olta Boka, Zemr‘n Lam‘ Peng

We don't want to say that Eurovision songs are a reflection of the country that produced them, mainly because of the horrific things that says about the UK, but if it's true then Albania must be a truly horrible place to live. Year after year Albania's Eurovision entry is a miserable ballad, and the trend's continuing with Zemr‘n Lam‘ Peng, which means We Gambled The Heart. Hopelessly overwrought and containing lines like "The snow of your voice on my heart fell and covered the last shelter of love," the songs sounds like Celine Dion getting concussed and starting to babble in tongues, and it appears to be Olta Boka's way of telling the male population of the world that if you even so much as fold up her laundry incorrectly then she'll run out into the rain, drop to her knees and start bellowing curses into the sky. And not in a good way, either. If at least one Albanian hasn't committed suicide to Zemr‘n Lam‘ Peng by Christmas, it'll be an enormous surprise. Current Eurovision betting odds - 33/1

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Eralda tha...

His commentary is hilarious (minus the suicide bit). I am laughing out loud!

Though, I agree, she does not stand a chance as a Celine Dion look-alike.

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