e enjte, mars 06, 2008

16 të vdekur në liqenin e Farkës.

Woke up to the tragedy of 16 dead in the lake in Tirana.

Apparantely 20 people had crossed the lake on 2 small boats which take a maximum of 8 people. However they had 11 and 9 in the two boats. The families were celebrating the birthday of a young man 23 years old. They were also celebrating the birthday of two twins both 5 years old. After the meal they all got in one boat to cross back over the lake and the accident occurred. Only 4 survived. The twins were amongst the dead.

Some of the dead are as yet unidentified, and some are from Berat.

My prayers are with the families of the lost ones.

)Probably best to try here for updates)

Edit : report in Shqip here.

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