e shtunë, mars 22, 2008

Blood suckers!

It seems to me that everyone in Albania is a medical expert.

They all seem to know what different medicines treat their particular ailments. They all know the best doctor for YOUR problem, but no-one seems to have any faith in the doctors for their OWN problems!

Most medicines are available over the counter, and some older women take valium to help them sleep!
I had a friend that had a particularly bad cough and he complained to me that the chemist gave him tablets but they were not helping. I took a look, even though I know very little about medicine. I saw that he taking codeine( a pain killer). I gave him a bottle of cough syrup and he was better in a couple of days.

The other day as I was shopping, I noticed these on sale. Leeches!
Not that I would fancy this treatment too much!
I have heard that these have made a comeback in the medical world for wound healing after an operation!
However, I hear that those that use them, do become quite attached to them. ;-)

Reminds me of the joke about the man who was ill and the doctor prescribed to him leeches twice a day. A week later the doctor returned and asked how his health was. The man replied that the first couple of days he had managed to swallow the leeches whole, but after that he had to fry them, and cut them up before he was able to swallow them...

4 komente:

Ervivi tha...

çfare horrorri... :s

Tony Lika tha...

Actually, codeine works pretty well on me when I'm with cough! :D

Tony Lika tha...

Leeches are used for reducing high blood pressure, because they suck some part of your blood when they are attached to your body. I know! It's horrible! *_* But that's the Albanian way!!! :D

Kolin tha...

codeine...no that doesn't work.

that is a pain killer.

I have a friend here. Went to see him. he had a terrible cold. Claimed the tablets were doing him no good and the cough was getting worse. I checked to see what they were. Codeine!! I threw them in the bin, took him to the farmaci and got him a cough medicine. Better in 2 days!