e mërkurë, shkurt 06, 2008


My mother-in-law is putting new windows into the balcony. She needs to put some brick work done and then get ready for the windows. The workmen should have been there last week but they could not come...because it was raining. :-)

Anyway, all this week it has rained , so she has not seen them.
I got a call about half and hour ago saying that they had arrived.
I shouted to my wife that the workmen were there and we got ready to go and give her some help.
5 minutes later the phone rang...
"That'll be the workmen away again" I joked.
But I was in fact right...they came, they saw ... and they left to come back tomorrow!

Don't you just love Albania! :-)

Some people e-mail to ask how long it would take to get e.g. a kitchen fitted to property they have bought in Albania....
How long is a piece of string?

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belle_fleur tha...

It would not be Albania if things were done promptly. Unfortunately, being a foreigner in a land like ours its frustrating, but i wish that you have the patience of Job while you live and work there!

God bless!

diongi tha...

AVASH - AVASH!in Albania is not just the same word repeated twice.Is a turkish word which has penetrated and modified the albanian ADN.

Eralda tha...

Hahahaha...I know it's a bit cruel to laugh...sorry! As unreasonable as this may sound, the account of the workmen made me smile. What can I say...

Minerva tha...

When in Albania, act like the Albanians:
- Tell them that you'll fire them if they don't show up on time.(raining or not)
-Keep calling them until they show up :-D
-Eventually go and pick them up :-D

My friend bought a house in Sicily and he had the same problems with the workmen there.
The Spanish and Greek are well-known for the same issues :-D
...It must be the heat. :-P