e mërkurë, shkurt 06, 2008

Shopping #1

Shopping in Albania has its advantages and its disadvantages.

You can find lots of things, and a lot cheaper than abroad. Unfortunately you pay less because the quality is a lot less!
Everyone tells you that the product is Italian , trying to convince you that it is a quality item...but a lot of the stuff is Turkish and Chinese, and does not last very long.

You do need to be careful and ALWAYS check the sell by date!
My wife bought cakes that the boys like to eat. The sell by date was okay, but when she opened the packet she found that the cakes were packed individually and the sell by date on the individual packets inside had expired!

Friday, I bought the boys a couple of new Playstation2 controls. Brand new in their Playstation packaging.
Saturday, the control lever broke. I returned it to the shop and the owner told me that my son should not move the lever too hard ! ( What's that all about! - surely the control lever is for moving hard and suddenly, when in the middle of a game!)
Anyway, he said he would see the technician and fix it. I went back yesterday, and he was quite pleased to tell me that it had been fixed.
"Good! " i said, as I handed him the other control I had bought " Go and give him this one too, as my son has just broken it as well!" (and exactly in the same way!!)

There are a couple of proper Playstation2 controls on their way to me right now courtesy of Ebay!

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Anonim tha...

I laughed so much when I read this. So realistic. Thanks Colin.

belle_fleur tha...

Oh man, this is not fun! Poor kids instead of enjoying the playstation are upset because it broke down before they could even play with it.