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Two Vagabonds in Albania

Sorry I have not posted for a few days, but I have had a nasty virus on the computer that first did not let me get past the start up screen, then after solving that problem, it sent 25,000 e-mails a second!
Then it deleted my network connection and we had great difficulty in getting back online.
I had to re-format my computer, so hopefully the problem is gone.

This post is another book review, this time...
"Two vagabonds in Albania" by Jan and Cora Gordon.
(Apparently the most sought after book in the vagabond series by these authors - although it is now difficult to find a copy)

One post will not do justice to this very readable account by an English couple travelling around Albania in the mid 1920's.

They write...
“This is a picture of the half-oriental, half Western community trying to make a state of itself”

As you can see from the above map(click on the map for a larger image), they travelled extensively around southern and northern Albania. They had studied the Albanian language for 6 weeks prior to their visit, and they often describe events as though they themselves understood all that was going...but I think much must have been translated to them.

This is an account of their journey, mostly in the mountain areas, and gives a very good detail of Albanian life at that time.

Rather than give a brief description, I hope to post a few entries over the next few days , which will give you a far better flavour of this book.

Please see here for more information on Jan and Cora Gordon.

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