e enjte, shkurt 14, 2008


I have recently had 2 posts from a person with the username "MALEBEI".

The post says " click here".

Unfortunately, I discovered that the link was to a website with some disturbing images. Not only this , but it added a virus to my computer.

Please do NOT open any comments with "click here" in them...and certainly do NOT open any comments by Malebei.

I have deleted the comments on my blog.

I hope my blog is not infected, but if anyone finds that their computer is infected from my blog, then i will delete the blog.

Sorry, but if I get any more posts like this, then I will have to screen all the posts before they appear. ( Bit too much like "Big brother", but it's the only alternative )

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Anonim tha...

Kolin, don't use Internet Explorer. Use Firefox (http://www.mozilla.com), and if you want added security install the Noscript (http://noscript.net/) which turns off scripts everywhere except for sites you trust (e.g. you can whitelist your webmail site, etc.).

Kolin tha...

Thanks for that!

I already use Firefox, and have just installed Noscript.

I would also recommend Firefox as a web browser on Windows.

If anyone else has helpful tips to add to "security" on the internet, then feel free to add them here.

Don't use Limewire or Bearshare would be my best advice !!