e diel, shkurt 17, 2008

Gezuar Pavaresine e Kosoves

Gezuar Pavaresine e Kosoves!

Megjithate e kam degjuar shume duke thene "Turp! Festojne me shume Pavarsine e Kosoves sesa pavaresine tone!"

( Although I heard a good number of people that said, " They (Bashkia - City Hall) should be ashamed, they spend more money celebrating the Independence of Kosovo rather than the Independence for Albania!")

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Eralda tha...

Gezuar! I had to call my parents today, and I could not hear anything because the music was so loud in their house (celebrating). It is really amazing that it finally happened!

As far as the jealous comments...well, you'll always have a few that never seem to be satisfied with anything.

Kolin tha...

I think one of the reasons that they celebrated like this is to emphasize that independence in Kosovo is SO important...that next year they should have a public holiday from work!