e shtunë, shkurt 23, 2008

Language Lessons #4

Saw this as I was passing a shop in Koplik yesterday.

Although most shops use the words "hapur" (open) and "Mbyllur" (closed) this shopkeeper uses a different word. I take it that it means "i çelur" which means open...but the shopkeeper has written it in Shkodrane "çilun".

"Hajde" means "lets go" or "come on" in Serbian or Croat.In this instance it would mean "come" or "welcome".

2 komente:

Godsend tha...

"Cilun, hajde", I like it. So original, unusual and also very inviting. It makes you wanna go in there even though you have no intention to. :))

Kolin tha...

not much to see unless you want your gas bottle filled!