e hënë, shkurt 25, 2008

Green Olives or Black Olives?

One of the strange things in life is how we change.

As a little boy (like all little boys) i did not like my green vegetables. Neither did I like cold custard, cold boiled eggs, beans...and the list could go on.

Now there is hardly any food that i do not like - although I still find that i do not eat much fruit!

Anyway, one food that i did not like when i came to Albania was olives. When i arrived, I stayed with an Albanian family for over 2 years and the young boy ate LOTS of olives. He was my "saviour" when we were out for a meal, as I just passed all my olives onto his plate!

However, now I have changed. I find myself searching around the shops looking for black olives - although I also like the green olives stuffed with red peppers.

A salad is just not the same without black olives!
A favourite of mine is crackers with mozarrella cheese and black olives.

When did this change take place ?
How did it happen?
I really don't know - but I'm glad I changed, as olives are great!

I don't know what anyone else thinks...

But which are the best? - Black olives or green?
And which meal just is not the same without olives?

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