e hënë, shkurt 18, 2008

"The Kosovars are now independent."

George Bush endorsed Kosova as an independent state in an interview on NBC's Today program.

"It's something that I've advocated along with my government," Bush said in an interview on NBC's "Today."

"The Ahtisaari plan is our blueprint forward," Bush said. "We'll watch to see how the events unfold today. The Kosovars are now independent."

I must be honest, and as much as I agree that Kosova should be independent...I can't help but feel a little scared at what might(and may probably) happen from the Serbian side. I have heard far too many interviews and Serbian politicians say that Kosova will NEVER be independent.
I can't see Kosova getting a smooth run in their new state...

I'm worried a little for the future( the Balkans has always been a tinderbox of problems)...I'm praying for peace!

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Eralda tha...

I have the same concern as you do, and I am praying for a peaceful solution to all this as well (I do believe however, that Kosova should be independent).

I just hope that the Serbs don't provoke conflict through diplomatic means, and I pray that the Kosovars keep their heads cool and not give in to provocations by acting out violently.

Kosovars are weary of waiting to be free, and weary to be called something they are not (Serbs). It makes me very sad to see all the hatred and extreme hate they have for one another. At the same time, it is hard to uproot beliefs that have been carved in the consciousness of a whole population.

Kolin tha...

totally agree with you.

This is so difficult because both sides feel so strongly and are 100% convinced of their own "rights".

Provocation from either or both sides will almost definitely result in trouble.
Which is what I am hoping does NOT happen!