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Lead Mosque - Xhamia e Plumbit

I hear that money is being made available from the governement and the “Bashkia” for the renovation of the Lead Mosque.
Built towards the end of the 1700’s this is one of the few mosques that were not destroyed around 1967, when Enver Hoxha’s communist government declared Albania an “atheistic country” and banned all religious meetings and literature.

Some of these buildings have now been rebuilt….like the Mosque in the main street and the one in Parruc, along with the Bell/Clock Tower at the large Catholic Church and the tall tower with the illuminated cross at the Françeskan Church.
However, it has taken a long time for anything to be done regarding the Lead Mosque.

It appears that it has been “unlucky” in many ways.
The River Drini seems to have caused the land around the mosque to rise and what used to be an elevated mosque now is on the ground level.
Also, many people have built houses nearby which appears to have caused blockage in the draining of rainwater and the mosque is often surrounded by pools of water.

Hopefully, now there will be no “red tape” and unnecessary delays in getting the work started to bring the mosque back to something of its former glory. (and a little bit of a tourist attraction!)

By the way, there is a very good photograph at the Foto Marubi building taken from Rozafa Castle looking down on the mosque surrounded by trees and shrubs that sadly are no longer there.

I will bring more news as and when work starts….but knowing Albania – don’t hold your breath!

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Lars tha...

It would be great to have this mosque as a nice tourist attraction. It's a shame how this historic building molders in the mud. My only concern is that after renovation it wouldn't look like an old, historic mosque anymore.