e hënë, janar 14, 2008

Update on Bank repairs

I posted a few weeks ago on repairs that were started on the bank on one of the main streets of Shkoder. The bank was burnt down during the riots in March 1997. Since then there has been no work done to it, nor did there seem to be any plan for reservation, even though it is still a beautiful building.

Now, it appears that the plan is to use the building to display the exhibition of “Foto Marubi”.
Pjeter Marubi was an Italian that came to Shkoder in the mid 1850’s. He took with him some photographic apparatus and took the first photos in Albania, particularly of people in Shkoder and the North of Albania.

There are around 150,000 photographs as part of this collection dating between around 1850-1940. Since 1994 there have been endeavours to make Marubi’s work better known to the public.

At the moment, the exhibition is very well hidden, behind some building near the centre of Shkoder. It would not surprise me if many local people never knew where the exhibition is situated – nor the “treasure” within. A more public building will be more accessible to the rising number of tourists that are now visiting Shkoder, giving this exhibition it’s proper place in the town’s history!

This can only be good for Shkoder.

( I believe there is a book available on the work of Pjeter Marubi )

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Anonim tha...

They should digitize and freely publish those photographs on the web. They would be a true gem, and that's a good way of preserving them.

Lars tha...

good news - the current location isn't a solution. Very limited space and nobody knows or finds it and no guide book is able to display it properly on its maps.

Kolin tha...

Well said(for both the above posts).I totally agree.

1) Foto Marubi should be "hyped" up with advertisements and publicity.

A good web page with a selection of photos and some brochures/books would be the least they could do!

2) Finding Foto Marubi...
I could almost throw a stone from my home to the place where the exhibition is currently situated. But, for many years, neither I nor my wife knew it was there. Even when I was given directions, I still couldn't find it.
I worked out where it was from a photo!

Lars tha...

I was also thinking about putting some pictures on my website showing the way. ;-)