e enjte, janar 17, 2008

Monty Python Colin 'Bomber' Harris

Having been outposted by the peshku, I will have to post my other humour video quickly!!

This is the live version of Colin Bomber Harris fighting against himself.It is from the Monty Python Show...which transformed British humour on TV in the 1970's.

Unfortunately, the commentator changes the words for the live version, but the original Tv version went like this....

"Here comes Bomber now, circling round, looking for an opening. He's wrestled himself many times in the past, this boy, so he knows practically all his own moves by now. And he's going for the double hand lock. He's got it. Here's the head squeeze. And the ALBANIAN head lock. He's going for the throw."

I remember seeing this on UK TV just after I returned from my first visit to Albania in March 1994. It made me laugh so much!...although I still don't know what an "Albanian Headlock" is?!

Part of the original TV version can be seen here http://www.spike.com/video/2704447/collection/14295 but to be honest the acting does not compare to the live version.

Interestingly, Michael Palin is the host at the beginning. He recently paid a visit to Albania for a travel show for the BBC.

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