e diel, janar 20, 2008

How many men does it take to get a mercedes out of a hole?

Our road is horrendous. (This in fact at the entrance to "Foto Marubi")
Anyway, almost every second day a car goes down this hole.
This time the tyre burst, but they still thought they could tow it and push it out.
I thought it was unlikely, so i took the video...

Then I remembered the story of the negro American beaten up by the Police, which was filmed on video by someone watching from a window nearby. I remember someone saying at that time..."Listen if the Police ever beat ME up, and you have your video camera, then PLEASE - put the camera away and come and help me !"

So I put the mobile phone away and gave them a hand and having jacked up the car we managed the get the car out of the hole.

Problem solved - until tomorrow and someone else goes down the hole.

5 komente:

Anonim tha...

Good thing it didn't come out when he was flooring it. It would have run over at least that guy in front. Idiots.

Minerva tha...

Hi Kolin,
I don't know if you're from Shkodra but I see that you live there. I just wanted to thank you for the materials that you brought here about "my" Shkodra. Being a Shkodra's girl myself, I really could appreciate them.

Have a nice evening in Shkodra and plssss... if you've the opportunity, post here some pictures about Shkodra's sunsets :-)

Kolin tha...

he was trying to reverse out, but as the tyre was burst and deep in the hole, he had no chance of ever getting out.

Not from Shkoder, although i have lived here for the last 12 years. Shkoder sunset?
I will try to post one next week.

Thanks for the comments.

Anonim tha...

the best help anyone could give to that poor driver is some legal advice on how he could sue the city.

I would bet money that the city would declare bankruptcy with one succesful lawsuit against it... this is how well managed the City of Shkoder is.

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