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Sali Berisha

I was down in Elbasan yesterday, and driving through Tirana I noticed what I think is a bar/cafe that I hadn't seen before.

I don't know what the owner had in mind...
Sali Berisha is a communist?
Sali Berisha is as much a dictator as the other three?

One thing is for sure, if you speak about Sali Berisha you certainly get a response!
The Albanians either love him or hate him.
Which is quite strange, as he seemed to get the blame for the 1997 pyramid schemes and the anarchy and deaths that resulted throughout the country.
Yet once again he is back as Prime Minister.

The funny thing is that I find that Sali Berisha is a great orator.
He is one of the few Albanian politicians that I could easily sit and listen to. Maybe because he speaks slowly and clearly and I can understand him better than some others, but I think the real reason is that he is a "charismatic" figure. He could be talking absolute rubbish, but I find his manner of speaking excellent.

When he starts speaking I find myself turning the volume up, which is the direct opposite of some of the other people on Albanian Tv who have me rushing for the remote control to switch the channel.

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Eralda tha...

My parents LOVE Berisha, and they won't hear a bad word about him. They think that he was framed for the '97 events (for several different reasons that I won't get into).

You're right, he exudes one of two emotions: love or hate. He is inspiring (for those who love him), and he seems to be honest as far as I know (correct me if I am wrong, I don't follow the news as dilligently as I should).

The trouble with my parent's generation (the people who spent most of their lives under communism) is that clinging to one leader as the 'only hope' for the country is carved in their understanding of the government. It is the ideology of a lifetime, and it is very hard for any individual to uproot.

neutrino tha...

I do not recognize all people on the photo. One is Stalin, one is I presume Berisha. Who are the others?

BTW I feel very similar about Tony Blair here. And people arround me think very similar as Albanians on Berisha, apparently ...

Kolin tha...

I think they are meant to be
(from left to right)

Stalin (Russia)
Berisha and Hoxha (Albania)

At least I think the one on the right is Enver Hoxha.

(If you click on the photo , you should see it a bit clearer)

Diongi tha...

Berisha used to be "charismatic" 18 years ago and for a short time was considered by most of albanians as the long waited "Messiah".
May be he is a not corrupted guy,speaks well but is not the right man to for the job he is doing.
He is not certainly "honest"!
(pls. notice the difference betwen honest and not corrupted!)
1.He was / is the president / pime minister when the State corruption started / grows up.
2.He was the head of state when at the albanians was served the "fenomenal idea" of getting richer without working.A serius governement should have aborted the pyramids the day after.
3.He being presidend ,by constitution,was the "supreme commandant" of the armed forces and failed in preseservig the "national arsenal" and the "public order".
In which serius country hooligans ,can enter in an Army Warehouse as in a self service or the defense minister (Zhulali) leaves a country in flames reaching Italy boarding a marine navy.
I belive that most of "power to Berisha" people support him not aimed by faith on him!
It's a shame that Albania in 20 years has not been able to generate an updated political class so the people are invited to choose betwen BAD or WORST.
And the people choose Berisha and live frustraded in "SALILAND" (i prefer Saliland to Saligrad!)

Lapa tha...

nice blog, cultural.