e mërkurë, janar 02, 2008

How well do you know your geography?

Sorry but this has nothing to do with Albania.
But as it is New Year, i thought i would post it.

Traveller IQ Challenge

I am terrible at geography, and tried this only once scoring 131,266.
Level 5
Traveller IQ = 87

Managed to get a couple totally in the wrong continent!

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Anonim tha...

That was fun, got 142,573, level 5, IQ 88


Anonim tha...

Second time around got to level 9, IQ 106, ok that's enough


DAI tha...

first time around got 362,242 - level 10 - IQ 111 - it was fun, although map is too small for better pinpointing.

Kolin tha...

Tried it again...it seems to repeat some of the questions, but I still only got to level 6.

What would Mr. Porter my old Geography teacher say!!

...and you're right, the map is way too small.

Eralda tha...

This thing is addictive. I have tried it on facebook, and I can't remember my score, but what I do remember is the 60 minutes I spent taking the challenge.