e hënë, tetor 29, 2007

Shkoder in the rain

Hope this video works.
My computer crashed today, and it has taken me 6 hours to get rid of the virus. I think it is okay now...but i'm a bit scared to restart the computer as the virus wouldn't let me log on.( not even in safe mode!)

Anyway, in the middle of all this, I somehow got internet connection and managed to load this video of 3 people trying to cross the road just after this morning's very heavy thunder storm.

4 komente:

GA tha...

thank you very much for info.
Last year I visit the Europa Hotel but was not open. On Wednesday I will be in Shkoder with my family for a visit.

mheiden tha...

Great Video !!! How was the situation some meters to the right or left ??

Anonim tha...

This is why you need long legs in Albania! I couldn't stop laughing, thank you. It reminded me of life back home.

Ervivi tha...

hahaah..."welcome to albania"

thx a lot 4 the video... :D