e shtunë, tetor 27, 2007

The Old and the New

Old style Albanian house and new apartments opposite "Kisha e Madhe".

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neutrino tha...

I have found this blog by chance, and I liked your photos.
However, as Shkoder is on the lake for which I heard is really beautiful I am surprised that you have not upoaded any of the photos of the lake ...
I agree that housing and properties are perhaps more interesting, but when I think of Shkoder (Skadar) I first think of lake ...

Kolin tha...

Yes, you are right, I do need to get some photos online of the lake. And yes it is beautiful - far more beautiful than new apartments!

This photo was really just contrasting the old and the new.

The posts on property are due to the fact that the majority of e-mails I have received have been requests for house and land prices. It seems Albania property is in demand!

There are lots of photos I need to upload. Hopefully, I will get round to it. Thanks for reminding me!

mheiden tha...

I think its a very good idea to show the old and the new, no one knows how long the old will stay. i personnaly think its not a good development, so shkodra is loosing more and more its attractions.

axzeis tha...

Sa e bukur ishte!!!
Me vjen keq...

Une shpresoj qe e gudisin!!!

It's terrible!

Shkoder was wanderful... they are destroying it!!!
They are building also beautiful things, but they are destroying the historical heritage!

nqs shkon te restorant Tradita me pershendet Gjoni... pronari???

Kur do te jem ne Shkoder do t'takohemi? Kisha qejf! Por ç'farë po ben atje?????

Edhe unë kisha qejf me ndaj atje.... :)