e hënë, tetor 22, 2007


If you click on the photos (the link at the right), it should take you to the Flickr site where I have a few photos of Shkoder. I will try to keep updating these with more photos.

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DAI tha...


not only have been enjoying your site for a while, but have shared it with an Albanian friend who originates from Shkoder, and was quite emotional to see your beautiful pics of it.

Personally, I'm glad to note the improvements in this city, which I don't know too well, but where I have marvelous friends and where my ancestors come from.

The picture of the 28 Nentori school is particularly dear to me. for a variety of reasons.

Next time I'll be in town, I'll let you know.

Kolin tha...


I realise that some regular visitors grew up in Shkoder, but are now living abroad.
The site is really trying to keep them up with news and changes in Shkoder.
I will always try to add photos for them...just hope they don't get too homesick!!

I must admit, when i go to the U.K. I start missing Shkoder!

GA tha...


Can you help me to find the phone number of Hotel Grand Europa in Shkoder?

Gianni, Italy

GA tha...

Can you help me to find the phone number of the Hotel Grand Europa in Shkoder?
Many thanks!
Gianni, Italy

Kolin tha...

Sorry for the delay, was away all day in Tirana.

All the info. you need can be found here...


Tel. no.00 355 224 1211