e hënë, tetor 22, 2007

Property in Albania

This is a photograph of the "5 heronjtë" statue.
Directly behind it, you may be able to see work in progress on a new building.
I must admit I got quite excited when i saw this, as it is part of the land outside Radio Shkodra. The reason i was excited, was because I thought that there was a chance of them building a little auditorium...somewhere to hold children's concerts, school plays, and even better, somewhere for local bands to play. But, no, I was thinking with my "Scottish" head again and not my "Albanian" head. It is of course, going to be office buildings and new apartments. (see below)

Now, I am all in favour of Albania getting some new buildings and better sized apartments and with better quality...but it appears EVERYONE is building apartments and NOTHING else! I heard that a poll amongst the youth in Albania once recorded their major complaint as being "lack of facilities" for their age group. So why more apartments?

I guess there is more money to be made in apartments rather than a concert hall.

Certainly, I feel with the lack of facilities, young people will continue to look further away...either to Tirana or abroad to meet their "needs". This remains a worry for me.

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Lily tha...

Thank you for this picture Kolin! The yellow house with the tree in the garden you see there, now surrounded by apartments is where I live/d and my family still lives there.

Needless to say I hate all the haphazard development around that area, with no concern about anything but making as much money out of the space as possible.

Also, would it be ok if I could use this picture for a post on my blog?

Kolin tha...

Lily - just added a few photos on my flickr page including this one, and a couple of others.

Feel free to use any of them that you want.

I agree, soon Shkoder will be dwarfed in new apartments, and "old Shkoder" will disappear under the shadow of high rise modern life.