e hënë, tetor 15, 2007

Independence for Kosova - but what kind?

With under 2 months to go till the 10th of December deadline to reach some kind of agreement, it still appears that neither side are backing down.

Serbia want to give Kosova autonomy of sorts - i.e. they still want Kosova to be part of Serbia.
Kosova want total independence. They have even declared that if no agreement is reached they will declare independence.

The worrying thing is not just that neither side is backing down, and no agreement appears even close...but the fact that the U.S. has declared that they will back Kosova in "self"-declaring independence from Serbia.
Russia however are backing Serbia.
This complicates the matter greatly.

Recent talks only show that there is still wide disagreement.

I heard a Serbian politician being interviewed on the BBC, and her attitude was that Kosova would never be fully independent - ever!. She laughed at the very idea. She answered the question on total independence by asking a question...
" Will Montenegro then give their land to the Albanians...then Macedonia, and Greece?"
"Never!" she said.

I find this all quite worrying, as I pray for peace!

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Wochenendblog tha...

In Germany, i have heared that soldiers are posted at the boarder to Kosovo. Is it right or just a rumour ???

Kolin tha...

I take it you mean the Albania/Kosovo border.

We are far away from that , so can't say for sure, but in 1999 there were plenty of military exercises around the border, especially here(Shkoder) up to Hani Hoti. Therefore it would not surprise me to hear of the Albanian army doing "training" around the border with Kosovo.