e martë, tetor 09, 2007

Back in Albania

Mother Teresa Airport, Tirana
Sorry, but I was in the U.K. for the last week and just got back to Shkoder yesterday...so hopefully I can get back to blogging.

The direct flight from London Gatwick is a big help - especially when you have small children.

I was encouraged by British Airways efforts to accommodate the passengers.

This included:
1) a very good meal, with a cheese wrap, chicken salad and fruit and nut mix.
2) twice coming round with the drinks trolley
3) a Skypack for little children, including a sheet to colour in, a video game and a cuddly toy aeroplane. My 2 year old is very pleased with that!

The new Mother Teresa airport is also excellent, and a big difference to the last one. First impressions last, and this gives Albania a great first impression.

Still, it appears we will have to wait some time before we can get low budget Easy Jet flights to Tirana!

2 komente:

Elvis Plaku tha...

"low budget air fairs" where is that day, I'm still dreaming :-)

Kolin tha...

I can remember thinking the same about direct flights to Albania. I used to have at least 3 flights to Scotland, and an overnight stay in London.
I still need the overnight stay which is expensive!!

Don't know why we Easy Jet don't do a once/twice weekly flight to Albania from the UK. I am sure it will be full!