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Albania - The Foundling State of Europe

Roman Catholics outside a church in the mountains

Just finished reading the above book by Wadham Peacock, former secretary to H.B.M. Charge D'Affaires in Montenegro and Consul-General in North Albania.

He writes..
"This book deals with a phase in the history of Albania which is passing away. The new King has arrived at his new capital and the European ruler has replaced the Turkish Pasha. But the soul of the Shkypetar people remains the same, and the Albania of tomorrow will be the Albania of yesterday with only a superficial variation. In the Near East things when they change, change slowly, and the transition from the Middle ages to the Twentieth Century will not be accomplished by a stroke of the pen because Europe has at last recognised its foundling State."
Wadham Peacock 1914

The interesting thing about this book for me, was that it concentrated on Shkoder and Malesia e Madhe. It was quite interesting to read some comments and stories, although at times he went into too much detail regarding dress of both men and women. This over emphasis on the detail or the geography of the area made reading a little tedious. At the same time it is interesting to read of his hopes and ideas for how Albania would change and become more European. The improvements that he hoped for of course never came about! I would recommend "Two Vagabonds in Albania" as a far better read. especially as the "vagabonds" went all over Albania and had a lot more humour in their writing.

Further thoughts will appear over the next couple of days.

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Is this book for sale? and where?

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yes, but it's not likely to be cheap!