e diel, shtator 07, 2008

World Record for Albania

An Albanian artist has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for a THIRD time, this time with a large mosaic constructed out of bottle corks.

Saimir Strati, 42, used more than 300,000 of the corks in the mosaic of a young man playing a guitar, measuring 12.94 metres wide by 7.1 metres high (39 by 21 feet).

"This work is dedicated to the Mediterranean spirit which is nourished by music, the sun and wine," Strati said at a ceremony to unveil his latest piece of artwork.

In September 2006, his first record was with the world's largest portrait made of nails, of Leonardo da Vinci. It required more than 500,000 nails.

In 2007 he was back with a mosaic using 500,000 toothpicks dedicated to Antonio Gaudi, the Spanish architect famous for constructions including Barcelona's Sagrada Familia church.

Now 300,000 corks for the guitarist!
(I'm just glad it wasn't my job to count how many corks or toothpicks that he used!!)

Truly a work of art, and fantastic creative imagination and hard work!
14 hours a day for 28 days!

Wiki information here.
His own website here.
Some excellent photos of his work here.

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