e hënë, shtator 29, 2008

Time of the Comet (Trailer)

Saw this film yesterday.
Based on a book by Ismail Kadare ("Viti i Mbrapshte")
Thoroughly enjoyed it. It was in Albanian with English subtitles.
Told the story of 5 men in 1912, wanting to fight for freedom in Albania on the arrival of Prince Wied.

I don't want to "spoil" the film for any that have not already sen it, but if you get the chance it is well worth seeing. Certainly tells a lot about the confusion within Albania at that time, and also the difficulty in coming to terms with independence.

Some good humour in the film.
Enjoyed the part that they realise the map they are using is of the Ottoman Empire and not of Albania. They react badly to being shown Albania on a map of Europe, as they refused to believe that Albania was so small. " It's not possible Albania to be as small as my shoe!"

Shkoder makes an appearance, near the end with a scene from the Lead Mosque.

More information on the film here or here.

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Dédalus tha...

I'm in the habit of coming for blogs of expatriates and one of the things that more likes me is to see the countries with your eyes. Albania is a country unknown for the majority of the Europeans.

Regards from Spain!