e hënë, shtator 22, 2008

A day without cars!

Seriously, I need an explanation for this one!
Yes, I am all in favour of looking after the world and being more "green". And yes, that means we need to start in our own town. But what is the purpose of this day?

Is it to try to encourage more people to use their bikes?
Surely not in Shkoder!
Every man, woman, child, dog and cat in Shkoder has a bicycle - and they use them!( well,I exaggerated a little about the dog and cat, but you know what I mean)

Is it to get less cars on the road?
You can start off by making tougher regulations for cars on the road. Some cars being driven should NOT be on the road. They are being driven with broken wings or broken headlights. As a pedestrian, I do not want to be hit by a car - and certainly not by a car with a broken light. It would be like getting hit by a broken bottle.

If you want less cars on the streets of Shkoder, then PLEASE give us more buses and buses that come regularly and make a full circuit of Shkoder. That would enable many shoppers to go to the markets and return by bus, at the very least somewhere near to where they live.

The answer can't be to tell people to get on their bikes!

3 komente:

Anonim tha...

you have to be patient its albania after all things take time they do a lot of talking and no action

Kolin tha...

Yes, you are right!
At times, they do a lot of "cycling" but never get anywhere!

Anonim tha...

You know, cycling always seemed like such hard work in Shkoder. You always end up in a pot-hole. And yes, the buses a little annoying. Especially. In. The. Dead. Of Winter. Brrrr.... But, then, these things take time. And, there's plenty of things I do like about Shkoder. (Buses are not one of them). :)