e martë, gusht 12, 2008

Vllaznia - Napoli

Hoping to take 2 of my boys to see this game.

Apparently demand for tickets has been quite high.

There are SO many emigrants here at the moment.
I drove down to Fushekruje yesterday and it took half an hour longer than I expected for a trip that usually takes just over an hour.
I counted 50 cars coming in the opposite direction, 30 had Albanian number plates and 20 had foreign number plates....so I guess there is at least 50-66% rise in cars on the road due to visitors.

I would imagine many of the visitors would like to see Vllaznia - Napoli.
There is a big support base for Italian teams amongst the Albanians, so I am expecting the stadium to be full.

Hopefully Vllaznia will make a game of it, and give the fans something to shout about!

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