e enjte, gusht 14, 2008

Vllaznia 0 Napoli 3

Vini, Vidi, Vici!

It all proved too much for Vllaznia, and they lost 3-0 to Napoli.
The opening of the game was very positive from Vllaznia and for the first 20 minutes they were the better team and causing the Italians some problems down the left side, but then with their first chance of the game napoli scored.
The game totally changed and the Italians gained in confidence.
We hoped the second half would be different and that Vllaznia would get back into the game, but immediately, Napoli scored again.
There followed Vllaznia's best spell of the game.
They missed their best chance, with a clear strike on goal, had a shot tipped round the post for a corner and then had a shout for a penalty. The referee was unimpressed and booked the Vllaznia player, which resulted in the crowd throwing some water bottles onto the pitch. The game was delayed to clear them off the pitch. Hopefully, this will not cause any problems for Vllaznia as they could easily be fined for this by UEFA.
Towards the end of the game, Napoli scored again.

The most annoying thing is that Napoli scored 3 out of their only 4 clear chances.
The Vllaznia keeper did not save anything. They would have been better with a more experienced keeper for the game.
Vllaznia missed their only real scoring opportunity.

3-0 was probably a little harsh on Vllaznia, but then they were up against a Serie A side.

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