e enjte, gusht 14, 2008

Vllaznia - Napoli #3

Apparently, you can watch this game live on the internet here.

There are 2 problems.
1) You may need to subscribe
2) You can't watch it on the internet if you live in Albania, Italy or the USA.
( However, if you go here and enter the name of your site, i think you might be able to bypass the proxy server.)

Sorry, but I can't find a better site.

2 komente:

Anonim tha...

hey, other than bet365 you can watch it from
1 http://www.rojadirecta.com/
2 http://www1.myp2p.eu/broadcast.php?matchid=16427&part=sports

Go Vllaznia

Kolin tha...

Thanks to Anon for that info.

From my stats I saw that a number of people were looking for ways to watch the match online.

Pity about the score :-(