e martë, gusht 12, 2008

Albania Olympic team

Erkand Qerimaj
( watch out for him on the 13th August)

The Albanian team for Beijing includes 11 athletes competing in swimming, weightlifting, wrestling, shooting and judo.

The athletes are
Wrestling - Said Prizreni and Elis Guri, (Aug 19th)
Shooting - Lindita Kodra, (40th in 10m - should be on today in the 25m event)
Athletics - Klodiana Shala and Dorian Collaku who run track and field,
Weightlifting - Romela Begaj( very good display. Hopefully a video will appear on the blog. 4th in the snatch, 7th in the jerk, 6th overall), Gerti Trasha( did not finish) and Erkand Qerimaj( Wed 13th August)
Swimming - Rovena Marku ( Womens 50m Freestyle Fri. Aug 15th)and Sidni Hoxha (Mens 50m freestyle Thurs.14th)
Judo - Edmond Topalli ( beaten today by Joao Neto from Portugal on preliminary mat 2)

You can see the video of Romela Begaj here,( including the handstand!) as I am having problems posting it.

Good luck to the competitors. Some, like Romela Begaj( age 21), and Erkand Qerimaj(who had his 20th birthday on the 10th August and is from Shkoder) are still quite young, so are good prospects for the future.

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