e shtunë, gusht 16, 2008

Vllaznia - Napoli 0-3 (Pià 2 - Denis)

Video of yesterday night's game.

It includes the world's worst goal celebration after the first goal.

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Aqie-Gaul tha...

Nice to visit in your site, have a great day ! Greeting's from Indonesia.


Anonim tha...

Hahha that was the worst celebration. And i also have a question. Why did you go to Albania in the first place? And were you there during the 97-99 period?

Kolin tha...

Anonymous - in answer to your questions.

1) I came to Albania to work with a church.
2) Yes, i was here in 1997, in fact i got engaged and married in Shkoder in 1997!

Anonim tha...

Ya i was there too. Was about 7 years old and that time was really shocking. I'm guessing you stayed there because of your wife, because those were bad times.