e shtunë, nëntor 10, 2007

New Links to "My Friends"

Just added 2 new links to "My Friends".

Please take a look at
1) Paris-Tirana. Unfortunately (for people like me) it is in French. Now I realise why I should have paid attention to my French studies at school!
Anyway, although it is in French, there are a lot of good articles referenced here, and the majority are in English. :-)

Here is what the author says of his blog...
"Its aim is to share social scientific analyses, discussion and
comment about the Balkans in general and Albania in particular."

2) Albania Bridge

This is a site connected to Oxfam GB that are trying to fund the building of a bridge near "Ure e Shtrenjte". The bridge is needed to cross the gorge that runs across the village.

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