e hënë, nëntor 12, 2007

Answer - How many men does it take to dig a hole in the street in Albania?

The answer is ELEVEN!

One in the digger, one with the shovel and 9 watching them, encouraging them and of course, giving their advice ! :-)

Although, I'm not too sure about the man at the far left. I believe he may be an innocent pedestrian trying to figure out how to cross the road!

4 komente:

Albanian Blogger tha...

That is so hilarious, but true. Thanks for sharing it with us. Elvis

Ervivi tha...

only eleven? ... :D

Kolin tha...

many may doubt it, but Albania is improving!!

in fact they were back out today, and there were only 9 of them. However, i can confirm that the man on the far left is not a pedestrian, he is a "worker".( or is that a contradiction in terms?)

axzeis tha...

Taman e bukur!!!!