e hënë, nëntor 12, 2007

Çifti i Lumtur

This has to be the best Albanian film from the communist era. It is worth learning the language (and culture) just to appreciate how clever and funny this film really is.
I saw it the first year I was in Albania, and had it explained to me in bits and pieces...but just couldn't understand why the 2 fathers' photographs were displayed outside their work, nor why after work the whole shift met together to discuss the proposed engagement.

I guess I never will understand what Communist Albania was like!

Anyway, for those blessed enough to know Albanian, here is link to an interview with Marie Qyrsaqi, from the Tirana Observer dated 16th August 2007.

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Ilir tha...

I love that movie. If any one desires to, can wached here (http://www.zemershqiptare.com/index.php?pid=513)

Although, the best one for me is 'Lulekuqet mbi mure' - have you seen that?

Yeah comunist times were good for movies!


Kolin tha...

Lulekuqet mbi mure - I have not seen it, but I believe it won awards, so I will have to find it and watch it.