e enjte, nëntor 29, 2007

Double Headed Eagle (Part 2)

Somehow having problems posting. My server caused problems yesterday, and I couldn't get the video below posted. Now I can't add anything to the post.

What i wanted to say was that i found the video very interesting as I had always wondered about the origins of the double headed eagle on the Albanian flag, but never was given a "good" explanation. I would appreciate your views on this explanation.

There is also a good (different) article here in SHQIP for those not fluent in English.

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Ervivi tha...

double headed eagle in the skin...


Ervivi tha...

...my suffering was so deep and painful that... I rather prefer mine :D

ja kalofsh mire :)

Kolin tha...

Didn't realise that was YOUR tattoo.

...so I'll remove the other link!