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The 3 major religions in Albania

There is much talk in Albania of the 3 major religions - Roman Catholic, Albanian Orthodox and Islam. Although there is no recent survey to show the statistics, it is believed that it is approximately 70% Islam, 20% Albanian Orthodox, and 10% Roman Catholic. The vast majority of the Albanian Orthodox would live in central and south Albania, whereas the Roman Catholic population are strongest in the north and Malesia.
Shkoder itself would be approximately 50% Catholic -50% Islam.

There is in fact talk of trying to make these the ONLY recognised religions in Albania.
Recently, I have seen a couple of Mormons on the streets of Shkoder. These are the first I have seen in 12 years.

A few years ago, I was walking down the street and there were 3 Mercedes cars parked on the road. (not a strange occurrence in Albania !! You will see more Mercedes cars here than anywhere else in the world!) Anyway, on the first there was a Qu'ran in the window, in the second a crucifix hung from the inside mirror, and in the third a picture of Claudia Schiffer (photo model) was sellotaped to the dashboard.
I thought to myself..." Maybe THESE are the 3 major religions in Albania!"

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Anonim tha...

Kolin, thank you for your posts; i appreciate them a lot.
Only a small correction wanted make. The orthodox comunity in albania are identified as Albanian Orthodox as they have their own Autochefalus Church, and not Greek Orthodox.

Anyway thanx again and keep up the good work.


Kolin tha...

thanks for that!( I've just changed the post)

Obviously only a Scotsman would make the mistake of thinking Albanians would associate themselves with anything Greek!!!

Albanian Blogger tha...

Dear Kolin,
I would love to read more about the two predominant religions in Shkodra. I hear from time to time about the tensions that exist there, but they are often exaggerated by the media, so not very reliable.
Albanian Blogger - Elvis

Kolin tha...

Working on a post regarding this. Hopefully it will be up sometime this week.