e martë, maj 06, 2008

What's in YOUR suitcase?

Summer is coming, and I guess more than a few Albanians will be returning home to catch some sun and enjoy their mum's cooking!

However, surely the temptation is to try to take some of Albania back with them on the aeroplane!

Wine, cheese, byrek, raki, ...some things that you just can't find in the "land of plenty"!

My parents tell me that once returning from Israel someone took strawberries as their carry on luggage. As the plane dipped and turned the strawberries started to drip down on all the passengers. No-one owned up to be the "strawberry-owner".

Just be careful though....as this article will tell you...I sometimes take a kilo of groshe with me, but I certainly wouldn't have thought of taking a whole goat!( I hope it wasn't in his carry-on baggage, or that would be one smelly trip)

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