e premte, maj 30, 2008

Crime of fashion

I ask you, who would wear a white suit?

This is a photo from the shop at the bottom of our apartment building. I wonder who will buy this, and when they will wear it and why?!

In fact I did see an Albanian wearing a white suit once. He was with his father and they were trying to get on the ferry to go to Italy. I was with an Italian and he turned to me laughing and asked,
" Does he really think he is going to walk about Italy in a white suit?!"

In the end he was refused entry to the ferry and was turned away, with his father shouting and arguing that their documents were all in order.

It left me thinking that maybe his documents WERE all in order and it was really the "fashion police" that had arrested him! ;-)

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tabakhone tha...

You CAN do a lot worse than wearing a white suite in Albania! And... if there is a Fashion Police in place, it certainly has not extended its authority in Berat!