e enjte, maj 08, 2008

Congratulations Vllaznia

Yesterday Vllaznia won the football cup, winning 2-0 against Tirana.Thumbs-up

There was a celebration in the streets with many fans celebrating in the main square. There was lots of noise and fireworks going off late at night.

I wasn't there, but was trying to get my boys to sleep - especially the little one who is 3 years old and scared of lightning and fireworks.

Then when I went to my bed, my wife was watching one of the local channels which had live coverage from the main square.

She said to me...

" Did you know, they were handing out free beer?"

And I reply " No"...but really I am thinking..." Now she tells me!!"Sad

Imagine a Scotsman missing the opportunity of ANYTHING free!!

Anyway, congratulations to Vllaznia, who enter the UEFA cup. What are the chances that Celtic get drawn with Vllaznia. Unfortunately, it looks like we could be heading for that competition!

4 komente:

Ervivi tha...

eh merdeeee....
I am from Tirana, so I have nothing to celebrate... :(

Kolin tha...

Last week Tirana beat Vllaznia easily 5-1 or something like that.

This week they lose 2-0 in the final, and Tirana substitute their best players.

I'll let you work out what really happened. ;-)

Anonim tha...

Good job to Vllaznia.....I'm form Shkoder leaving abroad....Vllaznia For ever.

Minerva tha...

Yeah, yeah...Vllaznia forever:)

"Imagine a Scotsman missing the opportunity of ANYTHING free!!"

Hahahaha! That's funny & SO true :)